Our b&b

Grow your Own

At breakfast we offer as many home-made products as possible, such as our marmalades prepared with fruits from our own garden or from the local fruit grower.

We have a newly created garden with about 100 fruit trees. Many of those have already given us their first fruits which we naturally serve seasonally at breakfast.

In the vegetable garden we grow potatoes, different kinds of lettuce, garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables that we use for breakfast or dinner.






Locally Awesome

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

Spain is one of the largest olive oil producers in the world. As a result, there is a wide array of types, qualities and tastes. We’ve chosen for a small local olive oil press that provides us with the delicious high quality olive oil that we use to cook our daily dishes. This olive oil is excellent with a slice of bread, a fresh salad, a tasty paella,…

Vino Dulce Almogía

The region around Málaga is known for cultivating the Muscat grape from which both the classic Muscatel wine is made as well as a sweet red wine, Vino Dulce. Almogía has its own Vino Dulce and it is simply delicious!! This tasty wine is ideal as a last drink after the meal or as an aperitif.

Jamón Serrano & Jamón Ibérico

A Spaniard cannot live without his daily slices of raw ham. This Jamón Serrano and Jamón Ibérico both have a repining period ranging from 6 months up till a few years. The longer the repining, the drier and more intense the flavour. Our local butcher offers excellent Jamón Serrano which can’t be left out from any breakfast or tasty tapas plank.






Queso de Cabra

In the vicinity of our b&b there’s a goat farm wherein the shepherd goes out with his herd of about 200 goats and sheep on a daily basis. You can see them depart from their stable and every day they pass by our b&b. These animals, big and small, love to pose for a picture and it always remains a beautiful experience to behold this goat parade!
The milk they produce is turned into a typically local and delicious cheese of which you can taste the many variations. This cheese is served at breakfast for all cheese lovers to enjoy.


Our region is known for its olive and almond trees. Around our b&b you find numerous almond trees which provide the well-known almond nuts. These are used in various meals like cakes, hot and cold dishes as well as garnish.

The almond, with its rich taste and energy rich features, has its own holiday in our village, the Día de la Almendra during which the almond takes centerstage and artisanal dishes are offered to the public.

Environmentally Friendly

Staying in Casa El Corasueño is an ecological choice.

We recuperate the rain and waste water to fertilize our terrain’s plants and trees.

Our outdoor swimming pool features isolation foil which keeps the inside water heated, avoids dampening and reduces chemical usage. In addition, the pool water gets extra heating during spring and fall thanks to solar energy.

Most of our electricity consumption is provided through solar panels.

Our chickens eat the kitchen remains and lay eggs which we then of course also serve at breakfast.

We use a compost bin to provide the necessary fertilization to our vegetable garden.

Finally we have ecological indoor led-lightning, economical showers with thermostatic faucets, energy saving air-conditioning,…

With all these before mentioned measures, we aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible!